Commissioning Animal Portraits for Personal Collections

Some people love their pets enough to want to have them immortalized in some shape or form. While others choose the route of taxidermy, which can come off as rather creepy, others simply commission for a portrait of their beloved critters. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a horse, or whatever else, wealthy individuals can have their likeness painted on canvas. These would have to be privately owned animals, though, not ones coming from the Amsterdam Zoo or other such public places.

Depending on just how wealthy or eccentric the client is, there could even be some lions or tigers thrown into the mix of animals they have painted. With the help of photographs, this becomes relatively easy to do since the animals don’t have to stay still for that long.

Personal Attachment

The simplest reason for why anyone would commission to have their pet painted into a portrait is personal attachment. They simply love their dog, cat, or horse so much that they want to immortalize them through a medium that is easy to bring with them. Short of pictures, this is exactly what a painting is. It’s quite easy to carry and would not pose a problem in storing it. It’s also a bit like having a piece of the Van Gogh museum Amsterdam if the portrait was painted in his style.

Family Pride

Some families can put a lot of stock in their pets, which means that they would like to preserve these pets in every way they can. While wealthier clients can also have their pets stuffed, they might also opt to have them painted in a stylish manner that only rich folks could dream up. This is not a bad thing at all, but it can come off as rather pompous.

Simple Vanity

Finally, there is the matter of simple vanity. Paintings are considered to be among the finest examples of fine arts, so having their pets immortalized via oil paintings can come off as a result of elegant taste. This is not exactly the most sensible of reasons, but it is a reason for many animal portraits.