Animal Portraits and Sentimental Value, History and Family

The value that is placed on an animal portrait can come from several directions, with numerous factors contributing to how expensive or affordable it ends up being. For the most part, a painting’s value is decided by experts, curators, and the like. For buyers, however, a painting could have value for sentimental reasons. It’s basically like how an Amsterdam City Pass can be more than just that to avid travellers.

Basically, if you are looking at putting value on a painting, it’s going to be different for every person. Those with a closer, more vivid connection to an animal portrait will naturally place a higher value on it. It’s basically how something that belonged to a family, culture, or country can mean more to the people coming from those origins than to anyone else.


For those who study history in a more specific manner, a painting that is related directly to a time period that they specialize in can be quite valuable to them for one reason or another. It could have been owned by a figure whom they admire, for example, or it could have some sort of historical significance in terms of the detail that it can contribute to research. You would be surprised at the connections that researchers can attribute the most mundane and seemingly unconnected items.


A more obvious aspect of sentimentality that can add value to an animal portrait is how it might have belong to a buyer’s family in the past. Whether it was seized, stolen, sold, or simply lost, many would be eager to return their clan’s prestige simply through buying back the items they may have lost. It’s amazing how much money collectors might be willing to spend in order to preserve their legacy.


Finally, there’s the matter of culture. Animal portraits that represent a certain culture or tradition for a buyer would be worth buying at any price. It’s like how a Dinner Cruise Amsterdam can mean the world to some people. It might not be sensible to most folks, but it makes enough sense for them to buy.